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The Mage is a class in Rogue Legacy 2.


Max. HP Vitality * 7 + 100
Max. MP 200
Wand of Blasting
Expl. Damage Strength * 1.25
Proj. Damage Strength * 0.5
Staff Damage Strength * 0.5
Mana on Hit (Explosion) 15
Mana Leech
Mana for Mana Leech Kill 20
Mana Leech Tick 1
Mana Leech Total 25

Class Passive

  • The Mage's class passive is Siphon, making all Weapon attacks and Spin Kicks apply Tiny StatusEffect Icon Mana Leech.png Mana Leech to enemies hit.
    • Tiny StatusEffect Icon Mana Leech.png Mana Leech applies a drain effect to the enemy, restoring 1 Mana to the Mage every 0.1 seconds for 2.5 seconds.
    • If the enemy dies while affected by Tiny StatusEffect Icon Mana Leech.png Mana Leech the Mage instantly gains 20 Mana.


The Mage's weapon is the Wand of Blasting.

  • Press to swing the wand and launch a fireball that passes through enemies and terrain.
    • The fireball will always explode in the center of the wand's aiming reticule unless the player is moving.
  • The wand's swing also deals damage, which is effective against bigger enemies like Bosses, allowing you to hit them with all three damage sources.
    • The wand deals Strength * 2.25 damage with a perfect hit.
  • The fireball's explosion generates 15 Mana and applies Tiny StatusEffect Icon Magic Break.png Magic Break to enemies hit for 2.5 seconds.
    • Tiny StatusEffect Icon Magic Break.png Magic Break increases all Magic Damage taken by the target by 20%.
    • The wand ranks as one of the best weapons for mana regen in the game, rivaled only by the Tiny Weapon Icon Dual Blades.png Dual Blades, the Tiny Weapon Icon Saber.png Saber, and Tiny Weapon Icon Charons Scythe.png Charon's Scythe, notably the weapon used by the Mage's Fabled Class.
  • Spending 50 Mana grants Tiny StatusEffect Icon Charged.png Charged for 3 seconds, making the next wand attack a Skill Crit.
  • Can attack while moving, but cannot be used while Dashing.


  • Mages always receive a utility spell as their Talent, with the other spell being offensive.

Utility Spells

Offensive Spells

Class Tips

The Mage is one of the highest DPS classes in the game when played to its full potential. It is the ultimate spell caster class, even more so than the Tiny Class Icon Astromancer.png Astromancer, and should be built accordingly. Therefore, build for Intelligence, Magic Crit. Chance, Critical Damage, Super Crits, and Siphon.

  • Be sure to apply Tiny StatusEffect Icon Mana Leech.png Mana Leech to as many targets as you can using not only Wand attacks but Spin Kicks.
  • Start off every fight with a single Wand attack to apply Tiny StatusEffect Icon Magic Break.png Magic Break and Tiny StatusEffect Icon Mana Leech.png Mana Leech, then weave in additional Wand attacks as you gain Tiny StatusEffect Icon Charged.png Charged from spending mana on spells.

Your spells will heavily determine how you approach each situation.

  • Tiny Spell Icon Freeze Strike.png Freeze Strike, Tiny Spell Icon Shockwave.png Shockwave, Tiny Spell Icon Wind Wall.png Wind Wall and Tiny Spell Icon Gravity Beam.png Gravity Beam all delete Large Projectiles, which is nearly every projectile in the game.
  • Freeze Strike is good for crowd control, Shockwave is great for disengaging from hunter-type enemies like the Warg and Charite, and Gravity Beam has great range and damage in addition to easily piercing terrain.
  • Tiny Spell Icon Lightning Storm.png Lightning Storm is incredibly powerful in conjunction with anything that applies Tiny StatusEffect Icon Burn.png Burn. Throw a Fireball and apply Burn, then follow up with Lightning Storm to make every tick of Burn a Skill Crit.
  • Tiny Spell Icon Magma Mass.png Magma Mass gives the Mage coverage of areas both above and below him, which is a weakness of the Wand's horizontal attack. Hits surprisingly hard with Skill Crits.
    • Use Tiny Spell Icon Lightning Storm.png Lightning Storm to apply Tiny StatusEffect Icon Vulnerable.png Vulnerable on an aerial target, then hit them with all 3 Magma Mass projectiles for ridiculous burst damage.
  • UseTiny Spell Icon Wind Wall.png Wind Wall and Tiny Spell Icon Fungal Spread.png Fungal Spread in conjunction to push groups of enemies into a clump, whereupon they all detonate at once.

Take the time to change your Rune setup depending on the spells you receive.


Armor Sets




Curio Shoppe



Fabled Class

Charon's Scythe.png

  • Press Up/Down on a Mage during Character Select to change them into Reapers.
  • A Reaper is the same as a Mage but starts with Tiny Weapon Icon Charons Scythe.png Charon's Scythe.

Lady Quinn Quotes

  1. If your Wand's fireball hits an enemy before it explodes, it will hit t-t-twice! So position yourself at the right distance when you strike, and you'll deal E-E-E-EXTRA DAMAGE!
  2. A M-m-mage always has two different spells. O-one is utility, the other is offensive. It's pretty neat how they work together. Just remember, your M-m-m-mana Leech lasts a really long t-t-time. It might even be t-t-tough to keep all that Mana on hand. So if you're fighting a really big baddie, make sure to keep casting your spells!
  3. If you m-m-mix your regular attacks with your s-s-spells you'll never run out of Mana. The trick is to hit an enemy with your basic attack, a-and then finish them off with a spell. Once you get into a nice groove, you'll be able to shoot multiple spells f-for each a-a-attack. G-g-getting used to how many spells you can cast is the t-tricky part, but you'll quickly get a feel for it!
  4. You can also M-m-m-mana Leech strategically Mana Leech enemies who can't hit you, th-then use their Mana to shoot spells at more dangerous baddies! And if your spells cost a l-l-lot of mana, just remember you can leech multiple enemies at the same time!


  • Mages always have long beards regardless of gender.


Wand of Blasting:


Charon's Scythe:

Charon's Scythe-1.gif

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